Many are still not using Dedicated Chat Client: Try using Chit Chat

I know a lot of people on my Facebook friend List are still not using a dedicated chat client for Facebook(something people use for Yahoo or Gmail, Yahoo messenger and GTalk respectively).

How? As I use one.

And every time a friend in my Facebook list logs in and logs out, I hear a 'Online/offline notification' sound. And going by the fact that many appear "online and offline" hundred times a day. That makes amply clear, that their chat sessions start and end, whenever they close their Facebook browser window.

So if you, use Facebook chat very much, then it's time to use a good dedicated Facebook chat client.

The one I use is Chit Chat. Chit Chat is a Desktop chat Messenger for Facebook. Although I received the review request late (after one year it is launched); the application, is quite good. It is closest to a "Chat Client" Facebook will make, if it wants to make for itself-- merging well with the Facebook interface, very non-confusing and clean layout.

A couple of things good about ChitChat is, it opens new chat windows (if you are in a habit of talking to many friends simultaneously)in tabbed panes (same window, but having panes that show in a line on top of the window).

If you are using Facebook Lists, to control your online presence, like being offline to some, online to others. Then Good thing is it respects those lists as well.

You can customize your chat sessions by using the Preferences menu on the top of the ChitChat home window, once you're logged in.

if you spend a lot of time chatting on Facebook, then try using a dedicated chat client. You can use ChitChat any time.

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