Mobile number portability launched for all India

India has announced the all-India rollout of mobile number portability (MNP) on Thursday(after a limited roll-out on November 25 last year). The MNP will allow mobile subscribers to change their service providers, within a telecom circle, while retaining their old numbers.

The service of MNP has been made accessible and affordable to all by keeping the charges as low as Rs.19. But the previous account balance with the older operator will not get ported, so those pre-paid users planning to change operator, exhaust their account with old operator first, and then get it ported. For post paid users, all of their dues with the old operator should be clear to be eligible for the MNP.

MNP, would trigger greater competition and will make the market less cluttered for the operators, taking non-serious players out of the market.

The telecom service providers will seek to improve the range and quality of their services in order to retain their existing subscribers and also to attract subscribers from other operators. Those who fail to do so, for any reason, will find it tougher to survive.

Step by step guide to switch to another operator:

Step 1: You have to send an sms PORT <10 digit number> to 1900 [Tollfree] ex: PORT 8057410440.

Step 2: After sending ,you will receive an sms with unique porting code or UPC from your current operator.

Step 3: After receiving the porting code,you can buy any GSM SIM of your choice and fill the unique porting code in your application form

You will be transferred to your preferred operator in a maximum of four days.

Important information regarding Mobile number portability:

1) The current mobile operator which you wish to change should be at-least 2 months old.

2) You current balance,validity and offers will NOT be transferred to your new operator.

3) To avail this service you have to pay Rs.19 each time to switch the operator.

4) You can switch the operator within your previous telecom circle only,you cannot do it for the other circle operators.

ex: If you have a Uttarakhand state sim card you can switch with the operators in Uttarakhand state only.

5) As the process of switching begins from one operator to other,your number wont be active for at-least 2 hours.

6) You can also switch your current "post paid" account to "pre paid" once you clear all outstanding bills.

You can switch operators multiple times but you should use a minimum of 90 days each time. --------

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