Nintendo 3DS to be launched on 27 March in US and 26 February in Japan

The Nintendo 3DS, a glasses-free 3-D display version of Nintendo's popular handheld gaming console, featuring the DS line's characteristic dual-screens (the lower one a touchscreen, the upper display the new 3-D one), two 266MHz ARM processors and relies on SD for expansion-- comes with a 2GB card, is coming on March 27 2011.

What 3DS has:

1) An accelerometer and gyroscope to give it motion-sensing abilities.

2) Charges on cradle instead of the more traditional power socket and cable
there's a charging indicator light that also doubles as a friend alert status.

3) A built-in activity log includes a pedometer and players can earn coins to buy content in certain games.

4) The console's also designed to do clever things when it's notionally "sleeping," as there's a Street Pass mode that lets sleeping 3DS's exchange data if they're nearby--a complimentary service to Spot Pass which allows games to update automatically.

5) A web-browser is built in.

The following games are available at launch : Pilotwings Resort, Nintendogs and Cats, Steeldiver (a submarine game),Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time 3-D and Kid Icarus: Uprising. The 30 titles promised earlier will be launched between 27 march and June 2011.

Price and Availability: The 3DS hits Japan February 26th for ¥25,000 (around $300). Will be launched in US on March 27th, for $250.

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