Number of Tweets Created on Mobile Devices as of Jan 2011

Speaking at the All Things Digital event at CES late last week,

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said that 40% of all tweets are created on mobile devices, up from 25% a year ago.

Does that mean, one of the keys to be popular on twitter is to limit oneself to character tweets only; so that a follower using twitter on his/her mobile (not they are 40 of your every 100 followers) is not disappointed (by getting media he/she can’t view) or have to fickle too much to get the sense of your tweet.

This thing is to prod over, especially by the marketers.

An additional revelation by Twitter CEO is Half of all active users are also active on mobile.

Regarding how a user should view twitter now and in future, the CEO described his company as being a “technology company that’s in the media business”, and its primary mode of revenue is its suite of ‘Promoted’ advertising models, which Costolo claims has been extremely successful.

So does that mean? Twitter and for that matter every Social network popular now or trying to gain or regain market; will try to have all the features the rivals have. If that is true, then our advice for marketers not to incorporate too much of other media; will not be a very Good advice.

No… the advice will still hold, as twitter is primarily a medium where people make conversations, so if a linkless conversation can build trust and dialogue or monologue, that’s even better for any marketer.
This is pointed out by the engagement rates of twitter. According to Costolo, twitter’s engagement rate on Promoted Tweets is ridiculously high. Add to this one other pointer. The ‘Top Tweets’ on Twitter’s login page most of the times are link-less conversations—Just words, plain and simple. We can safely assume, many of the tweets in those top tweets are from top notch social media marketers as well.

What is people’s tweeting behavior?

Tweeting, according to Costolo is an activity which people pursue when engaged in their other engagements as well, like watching their favorite television shows, sitting in one’s office, attending some big event etc. Twitter is in talks with television networks on developing new products for the medium. --------

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