Online game launched for Yeh Saali Zindagi

We all know, merely making a movie is not enough these days. It needs to be aggressively promoted as well. Director Sudhir Mishra, who always preferred to be away from spotlight, has learned the lesson as well; and has decided to aggressively promote his upcoming movie Yeh Saali Zindagi, a romantic thriller.

His New Moto: “Embracing the ancillary activities that help gain eyeballs for the film is a good decision. I have realized that it helps create a buzz.”

As part of these ancilliary activities is a game launch.

Titled Love Rescue Mission, which he launched on the official Facebook fan page of the movie recently, ha salready engaged 10,000 gamers.

How To Play

A user who logs on to the game, plays as the Irrfan Khan’s in-game avatar, the movie’s lead actor. Donning the role of irfan, a player has to find his lover (in-game avatar of Chitrangada Singh), who is hidden away. As expected, there are many obstacles in the path of the hero in the form of gangsters. But the good thing is like in the movie, the game provides clues to get to get over the hurdles.

About the movie:
As already said, the movie is a romantic thriller, where Khan is crazy about Chitrangada Singh. But she loves someone else,The movie is about Khan risking his life to help her find her lover. --------

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