Online Photos Erasing Software gets English Localization

A fortnight ago, we shared with you software which erases photos online. There we discussed to whom it may be useful and where it has some limitation (we also suggested how some thinking can make for that limitation). Over all the software can be very useful.

The software, X-pire!, has hit the German market last week, on Thursday to be precise.

Now the makers have finished adapting it for English language as well.

The browser plugin is localized in English and German. The selection follows the language preference set in a user’s browser.

The official webpage is now offering English and German too. The language can be selected by clicking on “the little flags in the top right corner” of the X-pire Homepage.

The account management is now localized too. Here again the selection is done based on the language settings of the browser.


As said in the last post, if you are a person who ‘uploads and forgets’ pictures on your Social network profile, and are always busy to take time out to remove them; even when you feel deep inside that pictures lost in online stacks is not good; then the utility is for you.

The utility can also be of great help for those professionals who have to show their assignment specific self or work images to Agencies and businesses. The professionals like fashion models, photographers, designers etc. By using X-Pire!, they can set a time for said photographs, under which they expect a response from the Agency or the Business, If the Agency doesn’t call under the set time, the photographs will be erased; even when the person forgets to manually remove them due to his/her other engagements.

The utility is good for online marketers and Businesses as well, who rely on promoting a a product/service for a definite period of time. And use pictures for the purpose.

If you think X-pire! can be helpful to you(people will have their own reasons to use the utility), then consider these prices.

Creating of X-pire! protected images requires you to buy a flat rate. The current costs for one license are given in the following table:

3 months (90 days) 6,99 €
6 months (180 days) 12,99 €
12 months (360 days) 23,99 €

One can use PayPal as payment method too (In the future the firm plans to add support for credit cards as well).

Although not announced by X-Pire! yet, but we are sure that we will be seeing X-Pire! being extended to cover other file formats like PDF, doc etc. in next couple of months if not weeks. --------

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