Poll ‘Will you make Facebook as your Browser Homepage?’ results are out

On 25 November 2010, we published a post, sharing with you Facebook’s predatory campaign to become web gateway for its users’ all communications needs. The campaign involved showing Facebook users an option to make Facebook homepage as the default homepage of the browser.

Like you, we were also curious to know what the world feels about this issue. Hence on the same day we started a poll, which asked Tech24hours readers the question:

Will you make Facebook as your Browser Homepage?

It took us two months to get 29 votes, from our esteemed readers, and here is their verdict:

Those who will make Facebook their browser homepage ___________4

Those who will NOT make Facebook their browser homepage ___21

Those who CAN’T SAY for sure ___________4

Although the number of responses makes this Poll very limited, still for the sake of gratification, we will present it just as poll findings are communicated:

72 percent of respondents said that they will not make Facebook as their web gateway. This makes us infer that people’s perception about default browser home page have not changed much. That’s why browser makers still give their users Google search as the default homepage. --------

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