Relevance of 5:28 PM IST Thursday 27 January for Egypt and the World

At 5:28 PM IST, Thursday, 27 January, all internet traffic in Egypt turned to ZERO.

The Time represents the End of Internet, Facebook, Twitter, and Mobile Service in Egypt.

Although the Egyptian government denies doing so, it is widely believed that the collapse of all internet traffic at 5:28 p.m. ET Thursday was caused by government orders.

According to Jim Cowie, the CTO of Renesys, a company that tracks internet traffic, internet traffic fell down to almost zero, after 5:28 PM and the scale of curb is never seen before.

Supporting the revelation of the Renesys,

Craig Labovitz, a security researcher for Arbor Networks, filtered through the Egyptian connection data and dismissed the idea that the outages were a coincidence.

Protest sympathizer Middle East news television station Al Jezeera reported a hit too.

Vodafone, the UK-based cellular carrier with 28 million subscribers in Egypt, reported on its website that “all mobile operators in Egypt have been instructed to suspend services in selected areas.” The company said it was “obliged to comply” with the order.

People, who believe in the complete internet and mobile outage in the country, find the scale of the curb unprecedented; something which even makes the curbs practiced by Iran during the riots after the Presidential elections in summer 2009 look small. In Iran, although the government shut down the internet, it kept the mobile services open. --------

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