RIM claims Playbook beats iPad on Battery Life

RIM or Research in Motion has confirmed that the battery life of the Blackberry Playbook, its first tablet, will be better than the Apple iPad, reports Reuters.

In RIM Business marketing VP, Jeff McDowell’s words, ”It’s going to be equal or greater than the iPad but with smaller battery size."

Apple claims 10 hours for the iPad on Wi-Fi and up to 9 hours when on 3G.

May be RIM’s battery life claims has some thing to do with its plans to have ‘Balance’ on Play Book too. RIM will also support BES on Playbook. Balance is RIM’s upcoming solution for Blackberry devices which separates a user interfaces for business and non-business purposes. Separation will keep Playbook users to multitask least. No multitasking longer battery life?

The Playbook is expected to be launched in the first half of 2011. --------

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