RIM upcoming solution for Blackberry separates Business from Personal

With an aim to keep its dominance over the corporate smartphone market; which has been steadily eroded by Apple's iPhone, android and other consumer-friendly devices; RIM is going to enable the BlackBerry to segregate a user's personal data from work-related emails and other applications sponsored by employers.

RIM's solution is a software called BlackBerry Balance, which will allow corporate IT departments to retain control over data such as business-related email sent via a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, while keeping the Web browser and an employee's social networking and photographs separate. In RIM’s words the software would effectively give users two phones in one.

Definitely a very sharp move by RIM, who has mastered the art of addressing the common concerns of Businesses. With many corporations now allowing employees to use their own smartphones at work, it’s a real headache for IT departments to manage confidential information on these personal smartphones. Giving business the control over a user’s Business Data and applications (the entity one works for) present in his/her personal phone has the ability to end all those concerns.

Although not mentioned in the update, the separation may also put a practical control on an employee’s non-office use of the device during office hours.

The move by RIM can be especially effective, for one more reason. The devices that are encroaching on its hegemony, like Apple’s iPhone or Android smartphones; though are implementing the robust security features of Blackberry(Apple is taking services of those who excel in securing enterprise data); still they have to go some way.

Notably, Blackberry already suggested that the Playbook would have similar levels of separation too.

RIM plans to launch the solution within two months. --------

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