Samsung Develops DDR4 Memory consuming 40 percent less Energy than DDR3

DDR3 has only started catching up; but DDR4 is already reaching for its neck.

Now, Samsung has been added to the list of companies working for the next standard, DDR4, which is going to be better than Samsung DDR3 or Kingstonany other DDR3. Samsung’s DDR4 DRAM stick can do read and write operations using 40-percent less power than a standard stick of DDR3. The bandwidth of this stick is at 2.13Gbps at 1.2V. So a lot of power saving even after putting loads of DDR4 RAM.

It also has Pseudo Open Drain technology which makes your battery life longer than without it. And even better, Samsung is planning to create some 4Gbps modules, for servers, and you can get your hands on them right now. --------

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