Snowboarding & Measuring Galvanic Skin Response

Under Nokia's recently launched Push Snowboarding project aimed at showing a new side of snowboarding, the researchers tried to measure Galvanic Skin response, an increased sweating in the body as a result of fear. In short, the test tries to measure the fear a snowboarder feels while he's practicing his passion. Obviously, this is a very individual specific metric, as an expert will be able to disguise his fear more convincingly than a novice. Just like real masters of their art, successfully decieve a Lie Detector.

In the experiment, the researchers are measuring the perspiration during snowboarding.

In the video, the second of five films, researchers are testing with Gary Greenshields to see how to best measure galvanic skin response.

Push Snowboarding will alpha launch at the 2011 Burton European Open. --------

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