Spot brings Satellite Add-On For Android Phones

Gone are the days when Satellite phones were a thing to show off; now any phone can be a satellite phone. SPOT today announced a satellite add-on for Android cell phones which can turn any Android 2.0 or greater phone into a one-way satellite messenger(can't receive messages) to call for help, send text messages (up to 41 characters) or post the same on social networks like Facebook, Twitter or MySpace, or sent to email or SMS addresses.when you're out of cell-phone coverage.

About the new SPOT Add-on:

SPOT Connect weighs 3.7-ounce or just over 100 grams, costs $169.99 and connects to your phone wirelessly using Bluetooth and a special Android app. Latest from Spot, a division of the Globalstar satellite firm which specializes in SOS devices for adventure loving people.

Spot previously offered dedicated SOS beacons and a combination beacon/GPS unit that also sent text messages. But SPOT Connect works with many existing phones, making it much more accessible.

As the device is made for emergency situations, its battery lasts for up to 4 months on a set of AA lithium batteries, and it can send an SOS beacon for seven days on one set of batteries. It's tough and waterproof.

To use the service SPOT connect, a user has to sign a contract, after purchasing the device, the least-expensive one, at $99.99/year. For this price a user gets, unlimited SOS(Satellite Office Service) and pre-programmed "I'm OK!" messages, along with five text messages per year.

The company plans to bring the service to iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7. --------

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