Tagging Facebook photos as Social Media Strategy

First, how this is applied:

Facebook allows a user to tag his friends in a photo. so friends can be tagged on different areas of a single photo. The primary aim of this feature is to share with the world or the Facebook friends, the persons and places in a particular photograph. Now to use this photo tagging feature as a social media marketing strategy,the user uses it with the a notification feature of Facebook.

What a user does is, he uses the photograph not as a media to share the identity of particular persons or places; but to get traffic to the said photograph. So instead of tagging who the person in the photograph is, the marketer, tags tags the photograph with the the names of his Facebook friends. Those friends who have "you will be informed when someone tags you in a photograph" notification activated; receive an email message when his name tag is placed on the photograph. So rather than an identification tool, the tagging becomes a pinging tool, announcing that the user has uploaded a new photograph.

Now it's too difficult to say, whether this will give you results in your social media marketing or not? As a substantial number of Facebook users get annoyed by such tagging(who will like a rattle snake preying on a mouse pic having his/her name as a tag). But just like the real world, if your target are those people who don't mind pinged by deceit, unless the content is interesting; then you can try the strategy. --------

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