Top Posts Filter coming: Gives priority to Best Content on Facebook Page Walls

A valuable tool for Facebook Page admins and owners – Facebook is soon to launch the ‘Top posts’ filter for Facebook pages. This will allow them not have to choose between silencing their community by only showing their own posts, or displaying a wall full of inane, off-topic, or offensive user content.

Information in this regard is shared by Facebook’s User Operations team to SocialVoice.

How Top Posts Filter works:

The ‘Top Posts’ filter is part of a structured test on several Pages to allow admins to surface the most engaging user-contributed Wall posts.

A roll-out of the filter would reduce the need for Pages to employ community managers or use Page moderation tools, and would improve the Page browsing experience. Just like the News Feed’s default Top News filter, the upcoming filter gives posts with more Likes and comments more priority, allowing a Page’s own community to influence what user content visitors to a Page see first.

So although, Posts that aren’t necessarily favorable for the Page but that receive more Likes and comments are shown with priority on the page status; the new filter gives the page admins the option to show “Top Posts”, “Most Recent”, and “[Page]“.

Unlike the current arrangement, the new filter will not only allow mixed grouping (unlike the current arrangement, the admin can show Both the community generated and self generated content to make the Page popular; community posts increase Loyalty for the brand) of the Page admins and user content; but it will also take away the need for constant monitoring as the posts with most activity will be shown with prominence. So rather than some weak posts, the strong posts that are making the image of a Page, can be focused on by the page admin for moderation. In other words, the filter will require less monitoring, as the admin has now to focus on more viewed content rather than stressing about content that is not viewed much.

In simplest of words, an Admin can follow the reality – “Why stress about some content which is not being viewed much.” If some unfavorable content, which is not viewed much, comes to reckoning somehow, the admin has always option to moderate it.

What is the benefit?

A great tool for small business and non-business pages too. Who unlike larger players don’t have the resources to buy necessary tool to control their brand’s online image. It’ll also decrease significantly the money one spends on Moderators. --------

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