Topsy brings Real-Time Search Widgets for bloggers & publishers

Search has become synonymous with real time, to the extent that if a search is not real time, it’s not search at all.

Real-time search engine Topsy today has launched customizable widgets for publishers to display topical tweets. Show tweets on your chosen category, and serve your readers better.

The company’s “social modules” dynamically populate with fresh topical contextual content on any topic.

So, for instance, a tech blog that writes about Apple iPhone, could automatically input the tags associated with its articles into a module, and on each page it would show relevant tweets about similar topics (a welcome change than just redundant retweets of the article itself).

As obvious the ‘social modules will be more purposeful in niche blogs and website than those writing on wide number of categories.

In addition to the above, using the new widgets, a site could show a live-updating widget that displays its most tweeted articles that day.

The widgets can be created for Free in a couple of very easy to follow steps.

Topsy will offer features such as analytics and revenue-shared advertising, but only at some price. Content within the modules is automatically filtered for profanity and language preference.

So put a Topsy Social Module on your Blog or website and see how much traffic it brings to your blog or website. --------

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