TweetDeck launches A platform to post tweets longer than 140 characters

Fulfilling a popular demand, Tweetdeck today announced its latest product, unveiling, is a utility that will allow users to post Tweets longer than 140 characters; a step which has the potential to turn Tweetdeck into a twitter like social network itself.

Although, TweetDeck founder and Chief Executive Iain Dodsworth refutes such claims, saying

“I don’t see how this would draw anyone away from Twitter, it value adds Twitter – something we’ve been doing since day one.”

Currently there is a 500,000 character limit for testing purposes, but it will be removed soon.

Those who are using Tweetdeck’s desktop, ChromeDeck and mobile apps will be able to read the longer posts within the app. The feature will be a part of TweetDeck next Monday, with Facebook support coming soon.

Users who stumble upon shortened posts on twitter or some other app will be able to read the links at Soon TweetDeck will be a launching a dedicated homepage with a built-in search option so users can search through the tweets that are stored in Tweetdeck’s servers.


It still confuses me, when people say, Blogging is dying.

When every other service is coming back to it. Take for instance. As the CEO says, soon the service will have its own website, where all the links with will be expanded. Which means, all the links from a particular user will be stacked at one place on this new website.

Isn't it the same, like wordpress and blogspot blogs?

I think, people who forecast the death for blogging, ignore one simple fact -- blogging is still there and in much a bigger level, only difference is, with WordPress and Blogger blogs while a user has the opportunity to make money, as the blog premises are assumed to be owned by him; in blogging at Facebook, twitter or, it'll be the platforms who make the money.

So, although there is no need for a marketer to create his/her blog, to market products/services online; still if they have a blog, they should not ignore it. After all, a blog is their own real estate. Something, they can put to their benefit without any restriction.

For those who are new to marketing things online, I think blog should be the first step to begin with. --------

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