Twitter Ads are ready for launch

After much wait, Twitter ads are finally ready, and will be rolled out for public in the first half of 2011. The Ads will be launched for Beta users in February.

According to MediaPost report, the self-service version of Twitter’s promoted tweets are being rolled out to advertisers–but to a select few. So far, Clix Marketing’s David Szetela is the only one talking about it and he’s landed Guy Kawasaki as a Twitter ads client. Guy his promoting his forthcoming Book Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions.

Here are a few more details of how they work:

Twitter’s self-serve platform requires the advertiser to enter a name, and date and time to run the campaign. It also asks for “interests” and “search keywords,” as well as a maximum bid and daily budget…the backend technology crawls tweets and user bios looking for the frequency of repeated words. The platform determines where to insert tweets in the user’s timeline, but it’s not clear if the algorithm takes into account Twitter followers. Nor is it understood how Twitter will rank the Promoted Tweets in Twitter streams.

As the new Ads are open to Clix Marketing, they would have opened a Twitter Ads account, just as people do in case of Google Adsense; and may have roped in Guy to promote his book under their Account.

To show the ad, twitter will crawl tweets and user bios looking for the frequency of repeated words; and when finds words related to Guy's Keywords; it will insert tweets in the user's timeline.

An advertiser can use Twitter ads n two ways -- To promote a tweet or To promote a twitter account to get more followers.

No information is out, on how twitter score the ads based on how often they are clicked, RT’d, etc.

Right now, advertisers have to sign a minimum of 3-month campaign.

Will the New Ads be rewarding to twitter users as well:

Ok, the Twitter crawlers will look for keywords in Twitter users' bios and profiles to determine whether to insert an ad tweet in a user's time line or not. This begs a simple question. What is in for the twitter user? If he/she retweets it further. Is he going to get some cut for the effort. If one assumes that there'll be no such arrangement, and twitter will keep all the money, just like Facebook does, then as the advertisers increase, how will twitter make a particular user motivated enough to retweet an Ad tweet? That's why I think there'll be some provision by which a twittre user will be rewarded in money terms, for further retweeting the ad tweet. Under this provision, a twitter user who is more popular either in terms of number of followers or in terms of relevancy, will be at advantage. --------

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