Twitter CEO Dick Costolo faces uncomfortable questions with a Laugh

It’s a matter of common knowledge among online entrepreneurs, be it bloggers, entrepreneurs and social marketers; how difficult it is to defend one’s actions and creatd entities, till one breaks even. And good thing is once the no profit no loss level is passed all the queries that seem hard to defend vanish completely.

And not only small, but the biggest of players have to face those uneasy questions.

Take for instance twitter, one of the most happening places on Web, much talked about and much praised. But since the money invested on it much more than the revenue it has started making, hence no matter at what platform Twitter people appear, the world asks about its revenue.

In the Crunchies Awards in San Francisco, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo face d the same questions once again and to viel his uneasiness, tried to laungh and steer his way out.

Here are some uneasy excerpts from the onstage talk between Tech Crunch owner Michael Arrington and Twitter CEO Costolo:

Mike: “So far Twitter has been too cool for revenue. Is this the year there might be revenue?,”

Costolo, with a laugh: “There must and shall be revenue,”

Costolo, with a laugh quickly correcting himself: “There already is revenue. There will be more revenue,”

Costolo joking and saying further: “The next year, more still.We are focused on it,”

Costolo continues saying: “we have many products built for that purpose now. That’s not one of the things I worry about,”

Mike: “So what do you worry about?”

Costolo replies quickly: “International growth,”

Costolo adds: “You have to scale lanuages, regional support, data centers. Organizing all of that is a challenge,” he continued. “And not many [companies] have had to do that before,”

Costolo: “and international growth is not like there’s a book on how do it”.

Costollo: “I was a Twitter user before all “the cool kids” signed up at SXSW in 2007.”

Mike: Did you know then that this would be a good company?

Costolo admitted: “I didn’t really get it. I still angel invested in it”

Mike: “Do you get it now?,”

Costolo laughs again: “It continues to evolve.”

So, to summarize the talk, Costolo was hit with uncomfortable questions, he passed the talk with laughs and a talk that includes answers that to questions that aren’t even asked.
A situation faced by any online entrepreneur big or small. And just like Costolo, every online entrepreneur uses the same tactic to face the same blunt queries.

But as the Twitter CEO said (include Facebook CEO , Zukerberg too), no one knows at the beginning, whether something will click or not, what matters is the faith on oneself and keep putting in the great effort till one surpasses the point of break even. --------

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