Twitter creator takes his company past $200 Million Valuation in less than 2 years

Twitter creator Jack Dorsey has just closed a big round of funding for his new company, Square. The new funding values the company at more than $200 million. (Around $240 million to be precise).

Founded in February 2009, it took Dorsy less than two years of work to take Square past the $200 million valuation mark.

In comparison Twitter took 3 years to do he same.

Twitter, one of the biggest websites in the world, closed a $35 million funding round in February, 2009, at a valuation of $250 million, almost 3 years after Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet in March, 2006.

So will Jack Dorsey's new company on its way to outperform his old company?

The answer to this is tricky, keeping in mind that Twitter's valuation -- now $3.7 billion -- has been fueled more by user growth than by revenue growth. Twitter still has to prove its money making potential. --------

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