Twitter has Official Parody Policy too

I was not aware of this, hope you will not be as well.

But Twitter has an Official Parody Policy. A policy which provides, ‘Terms of Use’ guidelines to people who chose to parody on the micro blogging site.

The existence of Twitter’s Parody Policy came to focus today, when a popular tech blog reported that a Twitter account, @ceostevejobs, parodying Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs with phony statements about the company's products has prompted a complaint from the iPhone maker to the popular social networking service, has been reported to twitter by none other than the person parodied, or someone legally authorized to speak on his behalf.

Ya it’s confirmed by twitter that Apple CEO Steve Jobs or someone on his behalf has made a complaint to twitter about an account, @ceostevejobs. The complaint reasons violation of Twitter's official parody policy.

Interestingly , @ceoSteveJobs is one of the most popular parody accounts on Twitter, with more than 370,000 followers.

What is Twitter’s parody Policy?

Twitter's policy requires that a username make it clear that the account is not legitimate, using words like "not," "fake," or "fan." Like if the reported account would have been, @fakeCeoSteveJobbs, then it would not be violating the twitter parody policy.

In addition, the TOPP also suggests that the bio for the account state that it is a parody.

Who is the owner of reported account?

The owner of the account identified himself as Christof, and reportedly said he will also revise the name of the account to comply with Twitter's rules. But he also said they believe a name change on the account would make it less funny, as "most parody doesn't blatantly label itself."


Now, as you and I, know the existence of Twitter’s Parody Policy, we are more informed with our twitter excisions, so that next time we want to tweet something, we can make a proper look at our account name and Bio. With TOS writing applications at their disposal, these social networks can have Official Policies on everything we can think of. --------

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