A Video revealing the 'Map of the universe'

This is really fascinating. This is real hard work too.

Astronomers have released the largest ever colour image of the whole sky, stitched together from seven million images each made of 125 million pixels. Data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey has already helped identify and describe nearly half a billion stars and galaxies. Check out the video of the "Map Of The Universe":

How Big is the Image:

Very Big. As it would require around 500,000 HD televisions to get the image displayed fully. But good thing is, thanks to all the hard work already done - the image will enable professional and amateur astronomers alike to study the sky from their own PCs.

Researchers have released an animation on YouTube demonstrating how the incredibly high-resolution image is represented on the celestial sphere.

How significant the image is:

Very significant. In the Greenwich Royal Observatory's Marek Kukula's words, the "incredible" level of detail the image contains makes it valuable. According to him, even after studying this data for the last 10 years, scientists are still finding new things. --------

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