Watch just launched Motorola Atrix Promo

MOTOROLA ATRIX, the upcoming smartphone from Motorola, is claimed by the company as World's most powerful smartphone.

In the MOTOROLA ATRIX Promo, launched just a couple of hours ago, a user receives a call on his/her laptop, chats with the caller on Motorola Mobile view, searches for a restaurant, locates it, calls it and sends the info to the caller; all of these actions are taken right from the laptop. And all this while, MOTOROLA ATRIX remains docked behind the laptop.

Interesting... Launching in Europe, first with Orange UK, Atrix is the First dual core smartphone, with 1 GB RAM, 16 GB onboard memory that is extendable upto 48 GB, Full web experience (full browser windows just like one has in PCs), web browsing 2x faster, Flash support, world's first qHD display, Fingerprint recognition and so on...

MOTOROLA ATRIX. Can be a smartphone? Laptop? Desktop? Entertainment Centre? Or all the above?

Check out the promo:


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