2 upcoming tablets from Sony

Sony might be late to embark on the Tablet arena; but it’s not sitting idle either.If reports are to be believed then it seems the electronics powerhouse has lined up an impressive line up of tablet PCs to take on the already established players in the segment. And at least two upcoming tablets will be from Sony.

And Sony’s ploy to win market share is to rely heavily on its creative streak, here is a brief account of Sony’s ongoing efforts, as per the latest behind the scene glimpse of the Sony camp:

Two new tablet concepts have popped up , taking the tally to three.

The concept that came to the world’s gaze first is the S1 tablet concept.

Other two, and the more recent ones, include an S2. S2 is a dual screen tablet and based on Android Honeycomb or Android 3.0, a operating system specially made for Tablet PCs. The tablet is under development and will probably be the first HoneyComb tablet to have a double screen.

Then there is a Windows tablet too (running Windows 7) in the form of a 9.4 inch slider tablet which in some ways resembles, though distantly, to Sony’s erstwhile Vaio UX micro-laptop. This tablet will be a follow-up to the VAIO P series, and will be more conventional than the S2. The tablet will resemble more like the Asus EEE PAD Slider or the Samsung Slider concept. The tablet will be based on a Pinetrail class Intel Atom processor.

The distinct features of the S2 concept, include two 5.5 inch sized touchscreen which when folded will resemble an oval cylinder or a spec carrying case. In addition, Sony is trying hard to develop a software that would make both the screen work in tandem. This will mean, a user will be able to see, a videos list in one screen and watch any on the other. This could also mean viewing all emails in one screen and opening any in the other. With an intelligent work sharing between the two screens the possibilities can be endless.

Sharing the processing DNA with S1 concept, both S2 and S1 will be built around a NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. Both will have a front and rear facing cameras along with both Wi-Fi and 3G capabilities.

In addition, both S1 and S2 will be Qriocity oriented. Qriocity is Sony's video-on-demand movie service. Qriocity uses a pay-per-view model and offers a library of hundreds of films. When launched, it was called an iTunes competitor.

Regarding which of the three concepts will be making to the market, then according to reports , many inside Sony are not upbeat about S2. Nevertheless, the company intends to make the S2 available in US, Europe, and Japan before the holiday season 2011 for a price of $699.

The Windows 7 slider tablet is expected to be ready for launch towards October,with a probable price tag of around $799. --------

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