AMD launches Fusion microprocessors in India

AMD India, the Indian arm of the US-based semi-conductor company Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), on Tuesday launched its “fusion” microprocessors. The fusion range of microprocessors combine central processing and graphics processing capabilities into a single system-on-a-chip.

The fusion range of processors are also dubbed as accelerated processing units (APUs).

Over 11 AMD Fusion-based systems will be launched in India in the first half of 2011 by manufacturers including, Sony, HP, Dell, and Lenovo.

Pitching for its latest processors, AMD India said: For CPUs (central processing units), today there is Intel and AMD. For graphics, there is Nvidia and AMD. AMD thus occupies the leadership spot in combining these capabilities. Adding that the conventional set-up of a CPU with a graphics card did not provide the best experience to users. The AMD APU or fusion processors on the other hand, as a combined system on a chip, was designed to enhance internet browsing, high-definition video, and games. In addition, it extends battery life as well.

As a means to distinguish different APUs; the E-series APU are targeted at laptops and desktops while the C-series are targeted netbooks and other small form devices.

The company plans to launch in May this year, the A series as well, which uses the supercomputer-like parallel processing technology of the GPU, enables 500 gigaflops of computing power. --------

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