An App that saves from the accusation of Bad Parenting

Want to have valuable tips tip on Parenting? So that others; or many years later, your children don’t accuse you of bad parenting? Then Try this iPhone App.

Tom McIntyre, who also teaches at Hunter College, has developed an app called Positive Parenting Practices, to provide parents with a solid foundation of why kids do what they do; and showing parents how replace negative behavior with positive behavior through effective use of behavior-change procedures, like time out, shaping, task analysis and effective praising. And most important it tells Parents the hazards of using punishment to reform.

In Mr. McIntyre’s words, the app tells -- “How to use positivity in effective — not wimpy — ways.”

The app, which is now available on iTunes, is a two-hour audio lecture with rapidly changing pictures.

Mr. McIntyre, plans to bring this app to other mobile platforms as well. --------

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