Apple working on two New Handsets to challenge increasing Android dominance

In order to cater to the market where Android is increasingly dominant, Apple is working on two new handsets; a low cost iPhone and a dual version of the handset available without a contract, reports Bloomberg.

Quoting people familiar with the projects, the report says that the first handset is a scaled-down version of the iPhone, costing around $200 and be available without a data contract. The prototype of the phone, lacks a Home button and uses less advanced components than the top range phones.

The company is also working on a dual-band version of the phone, which is capable of being used on GSM and CDMA networks, although this may not be included in the low-end iPhone. Apple is also working on the Universal SIM card technology to back up the new handsets. This technology could allow a handset to be automatically switched between 3G carriers if the user wants to switch contracts. --------

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