A cell phone and PC app for deaf launched

Sorenson Communications, a company dedicated to connect the deaf and hearing worlds, have launched a new product -- called "N-Touch" for PC and "N-Touch" for Mobile.

Making use of “Video Relay service or VRS” technology allows deaf and hard-of-hearing people to adapt their video phone use sign language, so that they can easily communicate with friends and family all over the world. To make it possible the service uses a PC, laptop computer and certain cell phones using the 3G, 4G or wifi networks.

Right now, "N-Touch" for Mobile is only available on the Android Evo. And "N-Touch" for PC only works with Windows.

How the app works:

The app brings an interpreter in between the hearing disable person and the other person. This interpreter who is seen on their cell phones (the caller and the hearing disable) facilitates the dialogue.

To know how the app works, watch the video in the Sorenson HomePage. --------

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