China Mobile, Xinhua Launch Panguso – A Chinese Search Engine

This launch looks as if China is preparing itself to have a an upper hand over Google; next time the two have a conflict.

China Mobile and China's state-run Xinhua News Agency have launched a new search engine at , to make up for Google, is the US search giant plans to leave its search shop in future.

On the more sane reasoning,according to China Mobile and Xinhua have launched the new search engine to tap the country's growing mobile Internet market. Where about 66 percent of all internet users, log in via their mobiles.

Panguso, whose development was announced in August when China Mobile and Xinhua said they had signed an agreement to develop an Internet search engine company, operates in Chinese. The search service will now be expanded to mobile phones.

Panguso, a Chinese name means the "God of search." Pangu was the creator of the universe, according to Chinese mythology.

The competition Panguso faces:

China's search market is dominated by the China-based Baidu, who currently has a 75.5 percent share of the country's search engine market. Distant second is Google with a market share at 19.6 percent.

But the Good thing for China Mobile-Xinhua combine is that the country's mobile Internet search market, has yet not produced a clear dominant winner. Hers while Baidu controls 36.1 percent of the market, Google is ranked fourth, with an 11 percent market share. --------


Nishant said...

China Being The Largest Internet Market 76% of its share is already taken by baidu, Panguso must give a actual competition & because baidu has a cool bite of the market.

But China Mobile ltd which is the Largest operator in China & one of the two partners of
Panguso will have advantage,because there is no clear dominance in the Mobile Internet search engine market. as Baidu leads the chart with 36% share & 70% of 460 million Chinese net users acess net By Mobile Phones.

We Could expect a Bright future of "Panguso".

Anil Singh said...

@Nishant______I agree with you Nishant, to a great extent.

China is like India, when it comes to connectivity. Here, mobiles are and in future will be the device majority of the population will be using. That's why any effort to cater to this lucrative market is going to deliver results.