Facebook Growth in India in past one year

The Indian social networking landscape showed a tremendous growth in the past one year. Major changes, were Facebook having a big growth in number of users, effectively replacing Orkut as the SN of choice. Courtesy, loyal users from tier II and III cities, while Orkut managed to retain its size; Twitter and professional social network, LinkedIn, saw near double growth.

Below are the total number of unique visitors for a site in Nov 2010, and the growth compared to the number of unique visitors in Nov 2009 (data: Business Today):


November 2010_______27.14 million or 2.71 crore
November 2009_______11.24 million or 1.12 crore
Growth______________141 Percent


November 2010_______17.76 million or 1.77 crore
November 2009_______17.5 million or 1.75 crore
Growth______________1 Percent


November 2010_______2.74 million or 27.4 Lakh
November 2009_______1.57 million or 15.7 Lakh
Growth______________76 Percent


November 2010_______3.85 million or 38.5 Lakh
November 2009_______1.78
Growth______________116 Percent --------

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