Facebook photographs put a child psychatrist's career at risk

A Beverly Hills, US, child psychiatrist, Dr. Joseph Kenan, president of the American Society for Adolescent Psychiatry, who advises courts in child custody cases for big money, was thrown out of a child case -- as his own behavior was found to be unworthy for allowing him to determine whether any father or mother is a good parent or not.

It was discovered that the doctor had posted lewd photos of himself on Facebook. A parent and a client of the doctor, who reported the presence of the pics to the court, also reported that until recently, the doctor also maintained a Facebook page where he allegedly posted photos "promoting illegal drug use, unprotected sex and male prostitution". LA Times reports that among the images: are pictures of Kenan exposing his buttocks in public and ads for parties promoting gay porn and escort site Rentboy.com.

In response to the accusation, Mr Kenan, says that his client has misunderstood the photographs, which was nothing but humor between friends. --------

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