Facebook rolls out two New features to speed up Credit Use

Facebook has formally announced the launch of two new features limited to Facebook Credits today – namely ‘’Buy with friends” and “Frictionless payments”.

Facebook described the two Credits programs on the developer blog as:

Buy with friends gives people the option to share a discount with their friends after they make purchases in games.

After making a purchase, the user has the option to share a discount for the same item with their friends through the newsfeed. Their friends can respond by either going to the game to buy the item, or simply making a purchase inline without losing the context of what they were doing on Facebook.

With the two launches, the social networking giant wants to strengthen its platform for virtual goods, which will result in more adoption of its Credits by developers. That’s why the two features are programmed for more purchases, additional distribution and application discovery. A major benefit for app developers doing business on Facebook, which will indirectly help Facebook, as the developers will be using Facebook credits.

So rather than seeing the features as Facebook’s entry into deals, it appears more like its push towards strengthening its own virtual credits, which will be becoming a primary way of commerce on Facebook from July 1. --------

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