Get Notified when that particular Facebook Friend changes Her/His Relationship Status

Avid readers of human psychology, know quite well, either through books or through their observation; that a person is more susceptible to manipulation when he/she is emotionally down. That’s why all those, so called Dating experts, keep on recommending one thing – Approach a woman when she had a break-up.

Although the recommendation is quite effective (countless experts claim so); knowing when someone is having a break-up is getting tougher and tougher of late. Why? As the world seems to have stopped socialising in real; and is spending most of its time on Facebook. Where, the only sign of a break-up is when a person changes his/her Facebook status – from committed, relationship to single to blah blah blah.

And checking the hundreds of profiles is not easy, as well.

Don’t worry, A Facebook application saves you from much effort. Yes, it notifies you whenever someone changes their relationship status from "in a relationship" to "single."

To use the app, a user has to choose those persons in his/her friends list, he/she wants to monitor. Once done, the Breakup Notifier app sends him a covert notification any time one of them becomes single.

If you consider this stalking or some pervert behaviour, then the number of likes the app has managed to get within hours of its launch should make you change your perception. Humans are practicing this principle from time immemorial, in one or the other form.

So if you want to Get Notified when that particular Facebook Friend of yours changes Her/His Relationship Status. Try the App. --------

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