Google Shopper Launched for iPhone

Google has rolled out its popular shopping app, Google Shopper, for iPhone, The app will eb complete with voice, image and local search. In voice search, a buyer can say the name of the product he/she wants to buy; in the image search, which uses phone camera, a user can search a product by taking the snap of the barcode or the product.

Google launched the original app for Android last year.

In addition to easy searching, the app also allows a buyer to compare and locate products from different makers; by showing the buyer the list of products from different makers, as well as a list of nearby locations where he/she can purchase the item.

To make the purchase decision more informed, Google also displays a rating for the item, based on user reviews.

The app also allows a buyer to check for a particular item at multiple sellers; to get the best bargain. Taking local search into use, the app also tells the availability of the item in any particular store too.

Other features include the ability bookmark a find to share via Facebook, Twitter and/or Google Reader with others later.

Mashable finds the Shopper for iPhone is fast, simple and effective.
Availability and compatibility: The app is available in the app store now for iPhones running iOS 4.0 and higher. --------

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