Groupon Revenue grew 20 fold last year: tells Memo

According to an internal email memo written by Andrew Mason , CEO of Groupon, early January to the company staff , and leaked to WSJ,

Groupon, the pioneer of Deals Market, saw its revenues grow 20-fold last year. The company’s revenue grew from $33million to $750 million in 2010, with $280 million coming from international operations.

Quite elated by the company’s phenomenal growth, the CEO praises the staff for their achievement and cautions them against complacency saying that rivals are going great lengths to steal the company’s market share.

Mason hoped that those numbers would grow to billions in 2011.

Mason closed the email with the following words of wisdom (something any entrepreneur can follow):

Life is too short to be part of another cookie cutter company. Surprise reminds people that they are alive, that they haven’t seen it all. Let’s make Groupon the reason that people wake up every day. --------

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