How Samsung Galaxy Tab return rate compares with that for Apple iPad?

Very negatively.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has a return rate of 15 percent. In contrast that for Apple iPad is just 2 percent, reports ITG. In other words, for every 100 units Galaxy Tablets sold; 15 are returned. For Apple this is just 2 for every 100 iPads sold.

The return rate is based on sales from the Galaxy Tab's launch in November 2010 until January 16, 2011.

Taking the comparison further, Samsung had sold 2 million Galaxy Tab units in three months. In contrast, Apple's iPad, with whom Galaxy Tab competes with, sold 7.33 million units in the same quarter. So for the said period while only 146,600 iPads were returned, a whopping 300,000 of Galaxy Tabs came back.

Talking of market share, Apple dominated the tablet space last quarter: it had 75.3 percent market share while Android-based devices grabbed only 21.6 percent share. --------

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