HP unveils 2 smartphones and TouchPad tablet, all devoid of any Palm branding

HP has unveiled two smartphones, based on the webOS software that HP acquired when it bought Palm last year and a TouchPad tablet, but none of the new gadgets have the Palm branding included in their names, nor is the Palm logo, notes LA Times.

The TouchPad, which is termed an iPad competitor by many, is similar to that of Apple's iconic tablet with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 9.7-inch touch screen and weighing 1.6 pounds.Some notable inclusions in TouchPad, that are absent is Apple iPad include a 1.3-megapixel camera for video chatting and support for Adobe's Flash software.


One of the two smart phones unveiled is HP Veer, a credit-card-sized model at 3.25 inches tall, with a 2.6-inch touch screen and slide-out keyboard:

and the other is a larger model called the Pre3, with a 3.6-inch screen, that is aimed at professionals although it incorporates some consumer features. For the first time, in Pre3, a Pre range of phone is carrying a front-facing camera for video calls:

All three are slated for a summer launch.No word on Price yet. --------

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