An iPhone and Android App that lets you report Potholes

The citizens of those countries, where pot holes on roads are a norm rather than exception, should hail this man for his simple but brilliant innovation. As he is the one who has enlightened them, how to report to the appropriate Government department every hole on the roads they use everyday.

Minh Tran, resident of Springfield, USA has developed a free app for iPhone and Android called Pothole Alert, which alerts the appropriate Govt department every time a user stumbles upon a pothole.

The app delivers a your phone's GPS coordinates to the appropriate transportation department when you give your device a double-tap with your finger. Once you confirm by e-mail that the coordinates correspond to the location of the offending road crater, the said department effectively know what those co-ordinates imply.

The app is a very effective way of waking Govenrments from slumber, if they are failing their responsibility. Another good thing about the app is, the simple principle used by the app is easily replicated by anyone with a smartphone and a GPS service, in a bland to a great way, to better their roads. --------

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