Kinect hack makes you a Superman

Want to be a Superman?

The efforts of students at the University of Amsterdam, may help you become one.

The student creators have used hacked Kinect sensor to map body movements to a Superman character model. The hack works like this: gamer holding one arm out launches Superman into the air, while using both increases the speed three folds and the direction he points in determines the flight path.

To have a more immersive experience, the students have mounted the display to a pair of virtual reality glasses that place the camera inside Superman's head. Result: As the gamer moves his head; he rotates the camera accordingly. Check out the video below (Thanks Daniel):

Another example of Kinect hack:


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Anil Singh said...

@Daniel_____Thanks Daniel. I was looking for the same, but couldn't find. I put this video, just to give the reader an idea of how this Kinect hack works.

Thanks for the share.