MacBook Pro lineup with Intel Thunderbolt for fast media transfer unveiled

On Thursday Apple unveiled a new line of MacBook Pro laptop computers, with stronger processing and graphics capabilities.

Plus it also has the new technology called Thunderbolt, from Intel, to transfer data, including video, at high speeds. Thunderbolt, is a technology that is meant to speed up the transfer of data between different components of a computer and eliminate the restrictions of copper wire.

To get you an idea of how fast Thunderbolt makes data transfer, then according to the world’s biggest chip maker, the technology makes it possible to transfer a full-length Blu-ray movie in less than 30 seconds, and a digital version of the contents of the Library of Congress within 35 minutes.

The updated MacBooks run on the latest Intel processors.

But will use graphics cards from Advanced Micro Devices Inc., displacing products from Nvidia Corp.

Price: MacBooks (laptop deals) will start at $1,199 for models with a 13-inch screen, and $2,499 for those with a 17-inch screen. --------

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