MIT Quickies Take Post-it Notes to the 21st century

Post –it-Notes are popular with couples working in different time zones (and of course with ever forgetting mortals) around the world. So it should not come as a surprise if one talks about taking the humble Post-it Notes to the 21st century.

Although there have been a number of attempts to modernize these small sticky paper pieces, almost none can be said to be showing the glimpse of the future.

But the "Quickies" concept developed by MITs Ambient Intelligence Group may be the most sincere attempt to date. Using RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification, used since long for electronic collection), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ink recognition, Quickies relay written information to our computers and mobile devices—making the notes more effective and versatile. And much easy to archive and also TO BLAME, the better half.


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