Most LinkedIn Users are Least Active on the site

Yes. Most LinkedIn Users are Least Active on the site. A Report reveals so.

Now, Many stories on web, are prefixing a ‘shocking’ while sharing this report. I assume that they are doing so for getting more hits, but if they really mean what the word means. Then I think they shouldn’t.

As, there is nothing shocking about the revelation.

But first the report.

In LinkedIn's initial public offering document, the professional networking site has 'admitted' that most of its users don't use the site.

Put under the 'risks' section, the report says that a substantial majority of the 90 million-strong network members do not visit the website on a monthly basis, and a substantial majority of the page views are generated by a minority of LinkedIn members.

In short, the report indicates that "the number of the registered members is higher than the number of actual members or active members."

Why the revelation is not shocking:

For one simple reason – no one expected LinkedIn to have a large share of Active members. People create LinkedIn profiles to attract better career opportunities. Most people create a profile and then expect recruiters to look for them; instead of them searching for possible employers. As job aspirants always outnumber, in a big way, the recruiters; hence only a minority of LinkedIn users are highly active.

But the report should act as a caution for those who are quite upbeat about the upcoming LinkedIn IPO. And in this context the data is a dampener sort of.

LinkedIn is reliant on advertising. And ads are effective, when they get more views. 32% of LinkedIn's revenue comes from advertising, and current advertisers pay either a minimum of $2 per-click or $3 per-thousand-impressions to reach out to the professional users on the social network.

LinkedIn earned US$161.4 million in net revenue in the first nine months of 2010. --------

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