Motorola takes advantage of 3LM to make Android more secure

One count where Android devices don’t stand in front of the iPhone and the Blackberry line of smartphones is the security features. While Apple (the company is focusing on security specially) and RIM devices are know for robust security, making them attractive to the most pricky of all users -- the corporations, who need to be able to manage devices closely; the Android OS lacks that kind of robust security. In InfoWorld’s estimation, the level of security currently on Android isn’t enough for the device to be trusted.

Now although Android as such doesn’t need to address this particular security requirement, as the devices running on it are proliferating fast among, non-sensitive users, who hardly complain the lack of those; Motorola who also runs android in its devices, wants the issue to be addressed.

To take care of it, Motorola is summoning the services of 3LM, a startup that it purchased some time ago.

3LM is an enterprise security and management tool development firm. Motorola plans to create APIs that Android is missing to control security and management capability at the OS level; making its devices attractive to corporates too. --------

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