New SwiftKey for HoneyComb to coincide with Xoom launch

Touchtype, the maker of one of Android’s favorite keyboards has announced that SwiftKey will be coming to Android Honeycomb tablets. The launch will coincide with the release of the Motorola Xoom, a HoneyComb or Android 3.0 tablet.


Keeping all that was great: 1) the easily programmable custom dictionary, 2) punctuation prediction, 3) and word prediction, which not only predicts the word that a usr is currently typing, but also logically predict the next word in the sentence; the company has added some extra features to adapt it to the tablet.

What is New:

The new version of SwiftKey ofr tablet will be have a more personal experience—like letting a user check his/her online profiles like — Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, blog, etc.

In addition, using Google’s advanced cloud-based technology, SwiftKey learns how a user writes and quickly tailors his/her typing experience. SwiftKey’s core prediction engine, Fluency 2.0, is integrated directly into the Honeycomb product allowing for a improved prediction technique that will integrate each aspect of the typing interface process (from the first two keys pressed to the prediction of sentences).

New SwiftKey is also multi-lingual, and can facilitate predictions in several different languages simultaneously, offering predictions in the most relevant language automatically, without the need of manual selection.

The new SwiftKey will have a new interface as well, where the keyboard is split into 3 sections, with numbers in the middle and letters on the right and left, for typing convenience (who said a keyboard layout needs to be QWERTY always).


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