Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit to arrive in India this March

Unveiled last year, Nokia's Bicycle charger for mobiles Kit will start selling in India from March this year. Working on the principle of dynamo(a small cylinder which touches the real bicycle wheel and takes revolutions when the wheel moves), which is used to give power to bicycle lights from years now, Nokia's bicycle charger will cost Rupees 1499.

Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit to arrive in India this March

Although Nokia is quite optimistic about the product, there are a few factors that force one to think contrary to that. First is the price. if the charger is targeted at millions of Indians who use bicycle as the only means of commute; then the charger is very exorbitantly priced. As it's not possible for this group to spend in a charger that costs 50-60 percent of what an ordinary bicycle costs in the country. Although, the easy accessibility to electricity for mobile owning Indians is also a factor, but lets leave it.

If the product is targeted at urban youth, who are conscious of a healthy lifestyle, and have the spending power too. Then, most Indian urban cities don't have the infrastructure to ride bicycles. So even if someone wishes to adopt it for the sake of health and environment, he/she will be forced to drop the idea.

If Nokia is really interested in making this product work, then it has to contemplate on reducing its price by almost 65 percent. There's very hope for it, if it costs around Rs 450. --------

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