Only 50 percent of all tweets are in English

Twitter with over 175 Million registered users, is a place where people efomr around the globe are sharing their thoughts and ideas at an astonishing rate, reportedly over 65 million tweets per day.

One good way of looking at these infinite tweets is by looking at the language they are composed in. And that is an eye opener itself.

According to a recent research, only 50% of the tweets are in English. Rest are composed in many different languages.

Here are the top five languages, on the basis of the number of tweets composed:

1) English
2) Japanese
3) Portuguese
4) Malay

Twitter has seen great growth in Asia, that’s why finding the language spoken by tech savvy Japan is not a surprise. For those who are new to web, Malay could be a surprise, but they should not. After all, people living in south East Asia like Malaysia and Philippines are second to none when it comes to adopting new Social networking trends. Portuguese is in the list as Twitter is extremely popular in Brazil.

To conclude, Twitter’s decision to pick Korean as its 7th official language, also arises out of Twitter’s popularity in Asia as well as in South Korea, a relatively advanced country in technological terms. South Korean Twitter users grew an astonishing ten times in 2010. Regarding why Twitter chose Korean and not Mandarin, then the reasons can be many. Two I can think of are 1) china is a challenging market, going by the censor the Government puts 2) many twitter like services are already very popular there. --------


Unknown said...

I am so glad that Portuguese is the native language of Brazil!

Anil Singh said...

@Adam____Thanks :).