Senator wants Facebook, Twitter to switch to HTTPS

If the good intentions of US Senator Charles Schumer materialize, then, social network users will not see less secure HTTP on the social networks they log on to.

On Sunday the senator called major U.S. web site operators such as Amazon and Twitter to switch to a more secure protocol, the HTTPS, to prevent identity theft and other security breaches in public places like coffee shops, where wireless or WiFi networks are used.

According to the Democrat senator, the number of people using WiFi to access the Internet at public places is growing very fast in the country; increasing the threat to user’s data posed by unsecured protocols equally.

The senator, finds the switching over to HTTPS, as the quickest and easiest way to take care of this identity theft. Underlining the importance and urgency of the switch, he reminds the major social networks of the existence of simple programs like Firesheep, which had made accessing someone else's computer and private information through the unsecured HTTP extension relatively easy. According to him, although the HTTP security flaw, was well recognized since 2007, the web site operators have been slow at making the transition. --------

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