Sprint Unveils Dual-Screen Echo Android Smartphone

In its bid to bring out a worthy heir to replace its two marquee phones, the HTC Corp. Evo and the Samsung Electronics Co. Epic, Sprint Nextel Corp. unveiled late Monday, Echo, a smartphone with a twin set of touchscreens.

The company hopes that Echo's unique design will drum up more attention for the company's products and services at a time when the carrier needs more high-end devices to replace its two marquee phones.

Echo, is made by Kyocera Corp.'s U.S. unit, runs on Google’s android operating System and features two 3.5-inch touchscreens that can be stacked side by side to form a false tablet design. Users can accomplish multiple tasks or programs on the two screens, or drag items from one screen to the other.

But unlike Evo and the Epic, which are 4G phones in the market; Echo is 3G.

Evo will be available in the spring for $199.99.


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