Try Wazala Touch, mobile shopping App in mid-size e-commerce space

Readers, we like to have your attention please.

Wazala, a startup in the e-commerce space, designed to provide a very minimal and simple user experience for shoppers and store owners; has just released Wazala Touch, a technology that allows shoppers to browse online stores on their mobile devices, providing an app like rich experience within the mobile device browser.

Targeted at the small to mid size e-commerce space, Wazala doesn't expect shoppers to download an iPhone application to purchase products. Wazala Touch was designed to provide the richness of a true mobile application through the mobile web browser. Wazala Touch currently supports iPhone and Android, and we are developing for other mobile platforms.

The start-up is confident that you will enjoy the simplicity and elegance of Wazala Touch. Visit and click on the floating demo store button or visit to start experiencing Wazala Touch on your mobile device; and judge for yourself how much strength the start-ups claim has. --------

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Unknown said...

What is the unique selling proposition here? It's just an e-commerce hosted service. There are tens of thousands with some even free.