Twitter ceo compares twitter with Water, talks about his observations and goals

Twitter ceo, Dick Costolo, compared twitter, as a utility, to water. Both in running water and useful water context.

Here is what, the twitter ceo, said in outlining the company’s vision for its future at the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona:

1) Twitter is like Water. One should be able to access Twitter anywhere, on any platform, and the interface should be instantly usable. “It needs to be water. It’s instantly useful. It’s simple. I don’t have to re-learn how to use water,” he told the audience. “It’s always present.” Twitter team are meeting with carriers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and platforms, to ensure that the service is integrated within the consumer experience on a great number of devices.

2) 40 percent of all Tweets today are created from mobile platforms. 50 percent of all active Twitter users are active on more than one platform (that’s using anything from PC, to tablet, to blackberry to iphone).

3) Twitter’s intention is of providing the user experience itself on these platforms, rather than ceding the territory to other players (Means services like TweetDeck which was recently acquired by UberMedia for $30 million, will be seen as a competitor). Being ubiquitous will require its apps and site being translated to other languages.

4) Regarding its revenue-generating potential, the twitter ceo, said businesses were already finding Twitter valuable for customer service and branding initiatives. He specifically stressed on the Promoted Tweets or Promoted Trends products.

5) As the tweets about Television shows are informing the world about the TV shows in real time, the twitter ceo, specially emphasized the impact Twitter on television business — saying that the service, and the real-time social interaction it enables, was negating somewhat the impact of the DVR and time-shifting. Twitter ceo, underlined that this has enabled people watch television programs in real time again (this means that it’s right move to provide twitter in the menu at the bottom of televisions.). To make sense of how much people tweet about a popular show, twitter ceo said, “When [the television show Glee] is on in the U.S., the moment the show starts, the Tweets per minute about that show go up 30 times,” Tweets stay at the same level until the show concludes, informs Costolo further.

6) Costolo downplayed Twitter’s significance in recent world events in Tunisia and Egypt. All credits go to people, Twitter was just like water Fish swim in. And fish forget that they are swimming and living because of the water.

From the twitter ceo talk, it is amply clear that twitter will be focusing on, its real time capabilities, bringing twitter to connected TVs, making it more multilingual and snatching the areas, till now with services said to be assisting it, to itself. --------

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